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Real Estate Attorneys Who Understand The Community

When you’re seeking an attorney who can assist you with a real estate matter, you need someone who understands the area. Here at Melms, Hogan & Francois, LLC, our team has fully immersed themselves into the north Wisconsin community and will happily assist you with any real estate matter.

Based in Minocqua, Wisconsin, we know exactly how much this community means to everyone who lives here, and helping people with their homes is something we’re more than happy to assist with. We’ve fully embraced being a part of the area, and we want to help everyone see it the same way we do.

We Can Help You With All Of Your Real Estate Matters

We are a well-varied firm when it comes to real estate. We’re not agents that only want to help you sell and buy a home. We’re attorneys who can not only assist our clients with the transaction process but also help them in a courtroom if need be.

Being a firm that is fully capable of handling multiple aspects of real estate law gives us an advantage for our clients when in the courtroom. We try to take a unique approach to every case, and by using our experience across multiple practice areas such as family law and criminal defense, we are able to bring different perspectives to the courtroom.

While we like to call ourselves a general practice firm, we are capable of providing assistance in multiple areas of real estate such as:

  • Transaction representation
  • Condos
  • Litigation
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Whether you’re looking to buy a new home or you need assistance in court because of a property dispute, we are here to help.

Helping Businesses With Their Real Estate And More

When clients come to us seeking commercial real estate representation, they get the added bonus of having attorneys who can assist them with multiple aspects of business law. If you need assistance with handbooks, contracts or legal concerns related to your business, then please let us know!

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